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We provide a proper early childhood education to your kids which assists your children in developing social skills and picking up good habits.

Primary Education

Our goal is to develop the child’s literacy and numeracy abilities, as well as other talents and understandings that enable young people to participate in the society.

Secondary Education

Our goal is to finish the delivery of basic education and to create the ground work for long term learning. This stage fosters critical thinking skills.

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We believe that the best education is the one that includes not just academical improvement but also a child’s overall development through art, sports and other activities. Empowering the children to access global resources while teaching them the importance of preserving their culture and heritage. Making a difference in today’s world starts with us.

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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."


There's always a new way to learn. Prakruti School is a place that offers quality education, where the students are engaged and happy. It is also a place that has different co curricular activities for the students to participate in and play games to keep them interested.

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